Quick Fun Hairstyle


There’s a hairstyle I tried a couple of days ago, (I call it the Dreadlocks effect because people presume I’m on dreadlocks!) of curly twists about a week ago, quick and easy to do. Less manipulation on your hair and it lasted me up to a week.


  1. You just simply twist your hair in mini twists all over your head (I begin by securing my hair by the roots with a wool with each twist, so it can have a proper neat look and that it can last a couple of days)
  2. With those same twists, tie each twist into a bantu-knot
  3. Cover your head with a satin bonnet, and let it sleep overnight
  4. The next day, untie your bantu-knots (but not your twists)
  5. And Voila, you have your curly twists!
  6. And a great protective hairstyle too!





Lessons of the Natural Hair Journey



Having just been away now for some time, I took the time to really understand what it really means to have come this far in my hair journey. I have to admit, there had been some days where I had just been frustrated because of the back and forth of figuring out which products are right for me and how I wanted my hair to be but didn’t turn out that way.

Nowadays there are a lot of products on the market for black hair and sometimes it is hard to choose from because all of them have that promising effect and you are not sure which one will work on your hair best. And sometimes, well most of the time, you will try products on your hair that just disappoint you on the get go.

What I have learnt is that most of the time, you don’t need to complicate yourself by wanting every type of hair product. The thing is, hair does not need much complication. The more we complicate it, the more damage you put to it. Every article you read about hair, will not always work for you. Just Relax! And learn that LESS IS MORE

Reading too many articles will just confuse you more.

One other thing is that just because there are plenty of “natural hair products” out in the market, you are limited to them only. In fact, I’ve tried a lot of promising “natural hair products” which just didn’t work for my hair. I’m now learning to be versatile and to try out things outside of the box and figure out for myself which products work for my hair, whether it’s products from natural hair, relaxed hair or white hair depending on my hair needs.

Being in this journey has taught me a lot about life in general about patience, learning new things, endurance, and applying the ‘ less is more’ rule in life is one of the most important lessons to live a less complicated life.

Hope this helps!!!

Product Review: Afro Botanics


I tried 3 ranges from the Afro botanics hair care products and I was mostly interested about the shampoo and deep conditioner, because for me these two are most critical when it comes to wash day. A shampoo and a deep conditioner determine the moisture or dryness of my hair during a wash routine. Lately, when my hair is super dry, I do a hot oil treatment in between shampooing and deep conditioning to retain moisture. So without wasting time, let’s get to it!

Black Pearl by Pearl Thusi Aloe Shea Shampoo

  • This Shampoo is Sulphate free
  • It lathers up fast during washing
  • Very light scent
  • Light consistency

Conclusions: It lathers up pretty fast and cleans the scalp really well; however my hair does not feel as moisturized as I expected it to after using this shampoo. My sister used it as well but with her hair she said it came out soft and moisturized (as she has softer curls than mine). I presume it works best for those with softer curls.

Tip: If you have very thick and dry hair like mine, you might need some additional work like doing a pre-poo treatment few hours before washing to have more effective results.

Amina Deep Penetrating Moisturising Conditioner

  • Includes coconut oil, castor oil and shea butter
  • Very thick consistency
  • I was not sure about this product at first, because my hair seemed very dry while putting it on but the end result is great
  • Place it for 1 hour under a plastic cap or 15 minutes under a hooded dryer
  • One of the best deep conditioners I’ve tried

Conclusions: Love at first use! It is literally one of the best deep conditioners I have tried. After washing it out my hair always turns out to be very moisturized, soft and fluffy. I’ve only used it twice but I’m already hooked.  A must have!!!

Asantewaa Super Hair Growth

  • A combination of coconut oil, castor oil and olive oil
  • It has a fluffy consistency
  • It is not a moisturiser; it is a hair and scalp treatment after moisturizing for hair growth
  • It is basically a hot oil treatment ( as said in the instructions) but it is not meant to be rinsed off
  • For best results, it is said to be used on scalp and hairline after every third day

Conclusions: I have been using it for over a week and I’m still in the process to see how it affects my hair and scalp. I will probably give it a couple of months to see if there are any results.

Hope this helps!


Air Drying 4c Natural Hair

The preference between air drying and blow drying hair after a hair wash is one that goes a long way and still even today, depending on the type of hair you have. For relaxed hair, it has been practiced for years and is a usual thing that after a hair wash, the hair is exposed to the hair dryer and then styled afterwards.

But for natural hair, hair drying after a wash every time may more damaging to the coils.

I’ve finally discovered the secret of air drying natural hair which took me a while to figure the process of how to keep my hair from becoming super dry after a hair wash. I know to some of you it may not be much of a struggle, but dry hair is one of the major struggles we have as naturals. Even after moisturizing a thousand times, you still find it hard to maintain that moisture.

For 4a-c natural hair, a wash may be a bit different to looser natural coils as our hair dries up quickly.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

I did hair a wash last weekend as I usually wash my hair and let it air dry for 24 hours or more ( hectic I know) but I realized that was my downfall. Air drying (to avoid heat from driers) is a basic simple way to keep your hair from heat damage. But air drying can be your biggest enemy if you don’t do it well and let your hair dry for a lot of hours as your hair can become dry and brittle.

Back to my routine, this time I tried air drying for about between 1 and 2 hours ( about 50 – 60%)  after my wash before detangling it, and that was one of my biggest answers I have been looking for since my hair journey for managing dry hair.

Let your hair dry about 50-60% (about 1-2 hours depending on the length of your hair and thickness of your hair) before detangling. I used Aunt Jackie’s knot on my watch detangling therapy, a wide tooth comb, my concoction of Dr miracles coconut leave-in conditioner mixed with water and my oil mixture of avocado and coconut oil for the detangling process. And it worked like magic! I did a protective style immediately after that of mini twists and they are still fresh today!

My advice to you for hair drying: Never let your hair air dry completely, make sure there’s still some water left in your hair.

Hope this helps!


My hair twisted and detangled after a hair wash and nearly a week plaited


Quick Beauty Tip!

Ever wanted a lip gloss of a certain color but can’t seem to find it at the spot?

No worries!

Grab a clear lip gloss and any color lipstick of your choice and blend them together to make that cool color effect of any color lip gloss, just like I did on my picture below! I blended together my lip gloss with my pink lipstick which created that effect! (First apply a gloss then your lip stick)

You can try blending a lip gloss and two or more lipsticks to create a unique color lip effect of your own!



Protective Styling 2017


Lately I’ve got into the habit of doing my own hair but mostly it’s just a matter of exploring and experiencing. I tried doing box braids for the first time and I’m glad to say that it wasn’t bad at all ( did these about a month ago). I actually thought box braids were difficult to do by yourself but it turned out to be super easy. But although I didn’t try it out on my hair at first, I practiced and plaited my sister huge box braids before I got to try out on my own hair.

My first attempt and it worked out. Some things you think are difficult to do but actually when you try them out, you think to yourself what was a scared of in the first place!


My braids weren’t really perfect though, but I was happy with my first attempt. They are actually not time consuming when I compare them with doing twists and I took 2 days to finish them all.


First week after plaiting them


My first mistake I didn’t do was to first stretch or blow dry my hair, because I can spot some few hair sticking out of the braids since my hair is very coily. So the next time I do braids, I need to blow dry my hair in order that my hair is silky soft when I plait.

The cool thing is that I get to decide how tight I want them to be and in that way less manipulation.( But I’m not ditching the salon #laughs, braids need time and patience and I won’t always have the time to do them )

This was just to showcase my work and to reveal that protective styling can be done on both levels, by yourself and the salon. There are many other styles like cornrows, faux locks ,etc. that we might need to go for the salon for because indeed we love our hairstylists sisters!

Quick tips:

  • Always have a Braids Spray
  • Any oil of your choice to massage the scalp ( I use coconut oil)
  • Pretty hair jewelleries always spice up your look (optional)
  • Don’t sleep with tightly pulled hair; if you had a bun for the day make sure you release your hair from the bun when it’s night time
  • Put gel on your edges to make your hair look sleek (optional)

My braids now! Can be taken out any minute from now

Stay Blessed!!

The Versatile Blogger Award

I’m really thankful and excited to receive my very first nomination award ever for The Versatile Blogger Awards! Since I started this blog, it has been nothing but great to share knowledge and receive knowledge from fellow bloggers. I have to thank my sister naturalkinkstrinis for this amazing nomination. All naturalistas, please do check out her blog for amazing content. I just discovered her blog not long ago, head out there to see what I mean! Thank you so much for all your support and engagement, it really means a lot!

This Award was originated by IdiotViews 🙂


  • I’m a big fan of TV Series’. My favourites are Modern Family and The Office!
  • South African traditional meals are one of my best meals ever
  • I’m just a simple chick! Don’t wear a lot of makeup. A mascara, eye liner and a great lip gloss does it for me 🙂
  • I love being around nature and just gazing at nature! It soothes the body, mind and soul!
  • I’m big on photography. Great and just the simplicity of pictures show a true artistry that can be explained in so many words
  • Most of the music on my playlist is RnB. I’m an RnB freak lol!
  • I love fish. I would love to own a home indoor fish pond as my own one day!




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Rules for the award:

  1. You have to thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog! (being kind).
  2. Link the nominees and inform them about their nomination (passing the love ,that was given).
  3. Nominate at least 15 bloggers of your choice.
  4. Share 7 facts about yourself (being truthful!)

Stay Blessed!!!