Mistakes I did to my natural hair!

When I transitioned to natural hair, I used to do a lot of protective styles and I didn’t really know how to take care of my natural hair. At times when I didn’t do any protective styles and leave my hair to breathe, it used to be as dry as a desert. I used to be frustrated why my hair was like this. Looking back through those times, I realized I had made a lot of mistakes that I was not aware of. Here’s why.
NOT Moisturizing and sealing
Not moisturizing my hair enough. I rarely moisturized my hair, even with simple spritz of water. I could go for days and wear a beanie without touching my hair
NOT Combing
I could never comb my hair. I remember trying to comb it in a dry state and it was never possible, that’s why I never bothered to comb it often. I remember going to the hair salon to do box braids, and the lady who was doing my hair struggled to comb through my hair! And I’m sure you know that pain of combing when your hair hasn’t been combed for a long time! You can’t see any progress with your hair when there are tough detangles all over your hair.
NOT Shampooing
I did not wash my hair every week or at least every two weeks to keep it clean. I used to dread the times I would clean it, because it would always end up being drier. I took weeks before I could wash my hair
NOT Deep conditioning/co-washing
This is one of the steps in a natural hair care to make sure your hair stays moisturized, soft and well managed. This is as well was not the thing I used to do. It is important to deep condition weekly to make sure your hair stays maintained throughout the week.Co-wash as an optional choice when your hair feels dry.
Sleeping without my satin bonnet
I was not sleeping with a satin scarf and that is not a wise thing if you are a natural. To prevent your hair from being stripped by other types of cottons and materials, it is best to sleep with a satin scarf or bonnet.
PLEASE DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKES. I probably was aware of my mistakes but it was just Pure Negligence!!! You don’t want to end up with frustration and stress of your hair like I did , when there’s other important stuff you need to take care of! It still gets dry from time to time especially from dry weather conditions and some products I try out, so you still figure out what your hair likes. Make sure your hair is always moisturized, wash your hair often, comb your hair when it is wet (I love to use Aunt Jackie’s knot on my watch De-tangling Therapy to detangle my hair), deep condition weekly and remove product build up at least once a month with Apple Cider Vinegar.

IMG-20150615-01948.jpgMy dry and damaged hair back in 2015


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