Why braids are one of my favourite hairstyles

Braids are back in style from the times back in the 1990’s. I don’t think they will grow out of style though. Good enough reason why I love them? They are cute, simple and you can get away with quite amazing hairstyles and protective hairstyles improve hair growth. I am totally in love with them. It shows off your cute forehead and unique bone structure. Artists  like Keri Hilson and Nandi Mngoma are pulling them out beautifully. Whether you rocking corn rows or box braids, it will totally help you relax from your hair for a couple of weeks. But there are quite a few stuff that we miss while we are doing these protective styles. Maintenance! While our hair is hidden away, we still need to take care of it.You probably have heard this before, but to ensure your braids are fully fresh and your hair is maintained underneath, it’s best you do so.
Before you scrunch and think it’s not worth it, I’m not talking about high maintenance. In fact, any protective hairstyle needs maintenance. If you have longer braids, try not to pull your hair too tightly and giving your hairline a strain.
Your scalp needs cleansing at least every two weeks. Before you wonder how you are going to clean your hair in braids, you can easily mix a bit of your shampoo and water in a portable container and take cotton wool and massage through your scalp. Cleanse your scalp thoroughly with water.

To keep them moisturized, you can buy any spray for braids in stores to keep them looking fresh. I personally use a spray container with aloe vera gel mixed with water or just water and massage my scalp with an oil of choice. Some girls’ deep condition as well, it is entirely up to you.
However you decide to take care of it, make sure your hair is properly taken care of. Don’t sit with your braids for 4-5 months just like I used to, which results in mold and will force you to cut all your hair. 8-10 weeks is the perfect term to stay with them. Don’t neglect your hair in braids!



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