Product review

IMG00301-20160407-1055Once in a while, I will do a run-up of my favorite products to date. Products that work for me and that my hair loves as well. Ok, at the moment I have three hair products I am obsessed with I thought I should share them. Maybe you have used them or not, but these are one of the products that keep my hair nourished, manageable, soft and tangle free.

ORS replenishing conditioner- I love this stuff! My hair loves this deep conditioner. After using it every time my hair feels so soft and manageable when I rinse it out, plus it has a great smell too. I don’t have a hooded dryer I just let it sit for 1 hour. You can also warm up a towel with warm water and wrap around your head around the cap. They also sell these in small packs.I buy the big bottle for R97.00, costly but I save more and it lasts long.

Natural moisture Raw Shea butter- Shea butter has incredible benefits for hair and your skin as well. I whipped my butter with essential oils. I bought it for the first time and it is a great sealant since I have thick hair. I bought this online at since Shea butter is a scarce product in regular shops. Their delivery was incredibly quick with no fault.

Aunt Jackie’s knot on my watch- This is not my first time mentioning this product because I do love it. I put it on in sections on my hair one at a time and the results are incredible. I use this one on dry hair. I carefully brush my hair a little thereafter and my hair feels so soft and fluffy.

This was just a run up of my favorite products so far and these are a keeper for me. Some of the hair products we see in other natural hair bloggers are scarce to find in here, especially when that specific area is far from you but that’s when the internet comes in handy. Here are some secure online places I know and have used for hair and beauty products
Beauty on TApp– This app is especially for Android (Google Play), Windows and Apple. It gives users the ability to find beauty services and products in the area that you choose. This was pretty interesting when I read it on frochic’s hair blog and I decided to download it. It’s pretty awesome. A lot of us struggle at times to find the right stuff. It has the guide to beauty places for braids, weaves, dreadlocks extensions, etc. There are online suppliers for hair, skin and cosmetics products and anything else referring to beauty you can think of in your area. I suggest you check it out! – where I bought my shea butter. They also have oils, satin bonnets and other products as well.

Hope this was helpful and thank you for your time for reading!

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