Are conditioners necessary?

I’ve come into thoughts about conditioners, leave-in conditioners and deep conditioners. I’ve always wondered what the differences between these conditioners are and what the reason for us to have them is. Most of us at some point in time, whether relaxed or natural, asked ourselves why our hair is dry or brittle or becomes frizzy even if we try certain remedies. That’s where conditioners and detangling therapies come in handy to maintain the dryness. Do we really need conditioners for our hair? Here’s a quick recap of the reasons why we should have certain conditioners to help us have healthy hair.
Leave-in conditioners- Mostly used after contact with water, usually after shampooing and conditioning, to help stop flaking, reduces tangles, dryness, brittle and having frizzy hair when it dries out. I’ve never thought of buying a leave-in conditioner even after other naturals talk about it a lot. I never thought it was important for me to use and I didn’t bother to research about it. My hair, after washing, becomes dry and frizzy when it dries out and I think it’s about time to try it out (I will share in due time once I’ve tried out a few!). Leave-in conditioners are formulated in a way that they don’t leave build-up in your hair so it doesn’t need to be rinsed out. Some are watery and some are creamy as I’ve researched and work according to specific desires.
Conditioners- Usually called co-washing when cleansing your hair with a conditioner only. This is advised to do to make sure your curls stay hydrated and result in beautiful coils when your hair feels dry. It is not necessary to constantly co-wash, but you can do it when necessary in cases when you want to hydrate your hair. Some do it constantly and some everyday, it really depends on what your hair loves because we won’t all have the same hair regimes and not all of us might need to co-wash. Just make sure to not confuse co-washing and washing your hair. Your hair still needs to be cleansed weekly or every fortnight. Co-washing just adds some extra shine, oil and moisture to your hair. Check out for harsh ingredients in the conditioners you buy as well and avoid silicons which strip away the natural oils from your hair.
Deep conditioners- deep conditioners are more intense and are not the same as regular conditioners. They should be used weekly or every fortnight on wash days. What they help with is that they retain moisture, they promote healthy hair preventing breakage which allows your hair to grow properly, and help hair from breakage, frizziness’ and split ends. That’s why it is always emphasized to deep condition on your wash days. You most often deep-condition for a certain amount of time under a plastic cap or hooded dryer, depending on the instructions on your deep conditioner and then rinse it out. When looking for conditioners mentioned, you will see they are packaged written the specific conditioner they are.
Again, you might need to work out your own hair regime, while all our hair type is curly, all our hair won’t react to the same to regimes and specific products. Always find what works best for your hair!
Thank you for your time for reading and stay a happy natural!

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