Multiple ways to use your products

Don’t think all of your natural products are for your hair only! Think outside the box!

These are some of my favourite things I love to use at home which can be used for hair and other purposes:

Raw Shea butter – If you have some left over raw Shea butter in your bathroom, why not use it for your skin and body as well? As much as raw Shea butter is incredibly good for the hair, you can also use it to soothe dry skin conditions, burns, eczema, stretch marks and skin blemishes. You can also mix it with other skin butters and oils to make homemade body butter.
Aloe Vera – You can never go wrong with aloe Vera. For one, it is very healthy for health purposes. It supports the immune system, helps decrease cholesterol and blood sugar, strengthens digestion, supports skin problems such as acne. It is packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals to support what the body needs and which help to promote hair growth and healthy hair. I found some aloe Vera leafs in our garden and will definitely put it to good use! Be creative with it and mix it in your body butters for skin and hair.
Extra virgin Coconut oil – Again, coconut oil also has extreme health benefits. For health purposes it can improve blood cholesterol levels, it can help burn body fat and prevent heart disease to mention a few. For cosmetic purposes it can be used to improve the appearances of the skin and hair, which improves moisture to the skin and a protection against hair damage. One other surprising fact is that it can be used in function of a sunscreen as well, which blocks about 20% from sun damage.
Extra virgin Olive oil – Pressed from fresh olives, it has a number of beauty benefits. Such as skin moisture, dry scalp and dandruff, skin healing from burns and scars and reduces eye wrinkles. For the hair, it can be used as a pre-poo, hot-oil treatment, mix it in homemade butter, leave in and much more.
What are some of your favourite pure products do you like to use?

IMG00224-20160401-0938Aloe Vera in our garden!

IMG00327-20160422-0918Pure coconut oil I purchase from Clicks!



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