Why your hair is breaking

hair breakage
Ever wonder what you’re doing wrong or why it seems like your hair is breaking and not growing? I myself have personally experienced a lot of hair breakage. Here is compilation of  7 things that might cause hair breakage and why you should stay away from them
Using too much heat – while your curls and straightened hair might look good for a while, heat causes hair breakage when used frequently. Stay away from heat for most times and when used for blow drying, straightening and curling, make sure to use a heat protection serum before heat exposure
Hair product ingredients – when purchasing hair products, make sure to check the ingredients. Some products contain harsh ingredients which are actually damaging the hair in the long run. Beware of products that include silicones, parabens, mineral oils, sulfates and petrolatum. If you are not sure about other products, just try out some natural homemade products for yourself.
Not moisturizing enough – leaving your hair for days without moisture causes it to become dry and brittle. Make sure to moisturize every day or as frequently needed.
Pressure of protective styles – protective styles are great to tuck the hair away but if done too much and your hair gets pulled a lot then it becomes a problem. Make sure you take breaks in between your protective styles and when you do them, tell your stylists not too pull your hair too tight.
Hair chemicals – dyes for example. Since there are many hair dyes in the markets, always make sure to do your homework before dyeing and which products to use. I don’t prefer dyes but if you want to change it up and have a new look, make sure to do your research first before you end up with damaged hair. I don’t know much about dyes but it could really damage your hair if not taken care of properly. Let your hairstylists explain to you about specific hair dyes and tips
Ends (split ends) – your ends are the most fragile part so make sure to protect and moisturize your ends. Trim your hair when needed when there are visible split ends.
You are combing your hair too much – Try avoiding combing your hair frequently and when it’s dry otherwise you can suffer from hair loss and always consider a wide tooth comb/ Denman brush when you comb it.

Look at how you eat as well. We all know that a bad diet impacts on your outward appearance visible on your skin, body and also hair. Have a look at the kind of foods you are eating.

Tip: Write down all the things you do to maintain your hair and weigh out the pros and cons. If the cons outweigh the cons then you need to change up your regime!
What other things have you discovered about your actions that is causing hair breakage?



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