Protective Style Mode

Now that winter is approaching here, it can’t be more torturing to find yourself busy with your hair for hours on cold days, while you should be in blankets drinking coffee! So I decided to do a protective style for the cold times to stay on for about 2 months.
I did twists on my own (yes I really did ) and it took me quite some time to finish them, but I can really say I am proud. Very simple to do, but took long because it’s my first time. I watched it from a YouTube video by a vlogger named Breana Rutter, with a tutorial how to do twists on natural hair. She explains it step by step and is super understandable. I intend to keep these on for about 8 weeks.
Why I recommend protective styles this season? It’s cold, your hair is protected against cold harsh weathers, less maintenance and prevents your hair from being brittle and dry (of course you have to keep on moisturizing it as well). Anything from braids, to twists to weaves and styles even with your own hair.

Thank you for your time for reading! My journey through the twists below:

IMG00356-20160428-1738 First week!

IMG00364-20160504-0836 Half way there

IMG00385-20160507-0858 Finally done!



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