The Hairline

A bad hairline is probably one of the biggest issues concerning hair. One of the main causes of a damaged hairline is excessive protective styling. The damage you do to your hair may come back to haunt through time and trust me you want to avoid that for two main reasons:

  1. Hair can’t grow much when you are growing older, so it is wise to protect it while you are still young
  2. Nobody wants hair that starts in the middle of the head!

Sure, there are many great products which help to bring back the hairline, but my advice? Take care of it while you still can. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Probably the biggest mistake girls make is neglecting the hairline and still continuing doing hairstyles which pull the hair. Beauty does pay the price if you are doing it wrong.
But if you’ve already reached that stage, there’s no harm in trying to bring it back and you still need to take care of it even if you have a rich, full hairline especially in times you are wearing protective hairstyles. You just have to avoid doing certain things that do more damage to the hairline.
Make sure to set your diet right and eat foods that are good for the hairline including those that are rich in protein (fish, eggs, beans, meat) and iron (green and leafy vegetables). Buy harmless products that are especially for the growth and control of the hairline.
• ORS fertilizing Temple Balm / ORS hair fertilizer (available in Clicks stores)

• Sunny Isle Jamaican castor oil (available online from

Sunny Isle Jamican Castor Oil
• Dr Miracles Temple and Nape Cream (available in Clicks stores)

Make sure to treat your edges at least once or twice daily and at times before you sleep at night. I usually treat my edges with my mixture oil of castor oil and olive oil.
Tip: try not to put too much strain on your hair, the sooner you start now the better!


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