Are products too expensive for you?

{First and foremost I would like to thank you all for the likes and the reads! All is much appreciated!}

Some natural hair and beauty products can be too expensive to purchase when you don’t have the budget for it. Some online purchases are reasonable, but others are way too expensive especially when you are buying from other countries’ currencies like dollars. And you can’t buy all products at once; otherwise it will weigh down on you. Treating your hair and your body doesn’t have to be expensive; at the end of the day it’s about how you maintain your hair and yourself.
Here are some of the tips I would give if you are looking for products with reasonable prices:
• When you are looking to shop products online, always search for products with fewer prices but with good quality. You can search from google or other websites ‘products under R100 or R200’ or whatever your budget may look like, that will take you to your desired products.
• I buy some of my beauty products from Avon. Products there are incredibly reasonable and there are special prices every month in their catalogues. From lipsticks to facial creams to handbags, all for a reasonable price.
• Compare prices if you know 2 or more places which sell the same product. Always good to check that out, you’ll find that other products are less compared to other shops.
• Don’t just buy cheap stuff just because they are cheap. Check out the ingredients and the quality first before considering buying anything. Some products have harmful ingredients so be careful about that one.
• You can create your own homemade products as well. Sometimes we are stressed when you don’t have money to buy your favorite facial mask when you have an avocado and bananas stashed up in your kitchen! Natural products are always good to consider even when you also want to save some cash
Also do some introspection! You might find out you are spending more unnecessarily as you should!


3 thoughts on “Are products too expensive for you?

  1. avonbeautybagwithkat says:

    This is why I became a rep for Avon. I loved the products and also love the price!! I’m on a beauty budget and hate spending high dollar on makeup but don’t like drugstore brands. 😉


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