Why you might need your own hair regimen

There are many times we find ourselves searching for the best hair regimens for our hair type but the truth is, it won’t work for everyone. What works for someone else, might not work for you. So you need to remember that even if you have the same type hair of another, you always need to work out your regimen because you only know your hair. There are also thousands of hair products suggested to help our hair but in some cases it’s not true

The reason I say this is because I have had the experience myself. Trying so many things at one time, my hair never had the chance to breathe to let it decide what it wants and needs. Most of the times it was very hard to comb and it was too dry. And you will never see what exactly works for you when you are using so many things. Not all of our hairs react well to co-washing every day, or washing it every week.
I do a lot of researching, and no lie we all want beautiful hair that grows. I don’ t think there’s any woman in the world who doesn’t care how her hair looks, and that’s just how we are because hair is a woman’s glory. But to want beautiful hair, doesn’t mean to have to use everyone’s hair regimen or a complicated one. Not everything will work out for you and not every product suggested will be good for you. Take a look of how nature grows, do we really need to complicate ourselves? But don’t mistake me; your hair needs maintenance, especially our hair type. You can’t just want beautiful hair but not do anything at all. But you don’t need to complicate yourself either. There’s a saying that says simplicity is the best and I agree with that. Just find out what your hair loves and what it doesn’t love, and you’ll be just fine. If something doesn’t work for you, just move on to the next one at a time until you find what exactly works for you.
Always remember:
• What you feed inside your body counts
• Don’t overthink things and don’t complicate yourself; these natural hair regimens found online are just a guide to help us!




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