Natural hair Inspirations!

I was looking over some ladies with awesome natural hair on Pinterest and other social sites and I’m thinking to myself natural hair has come a really long way from being seen as unprofessional or inappropriate. Although some people may still see it that way, many other women are beginning to embrace their natural hair and even so, natural hair care products are increasing in number as well on the shelves. So the point of really writing this post is to be part of raising awareness that we have nothing to be ashamed of with our hair type and the courage to rock your hair no matter the occasion or the place.
Can you believe a world where you are born free? Unafraid to do anything you want? Well we do live in that world, irrespective of what people say. We need to change our mind-sets to stop giving in to what the world regards as ‘normal’ or ‘appropriate’ or what other people may say ( of course in a positive way). I believe if we can change our mind-sets in that way, we can have the freedom that have we never experienced.
I came over an article about a bride called Nakyia who got married in her natural hair as well as her bridesmaids ( see picture below), and the one word that came into mind was ‘Refreshing’. This is to show us natural hair is as good and unique as any other hair type, and we are very proud to embrace it. That article and the pictures included really inspired me and I’m sure it has inspired a lot of other women out there.

A while back I also read an article about a 7 year old girl named Cherelice from Suriname, who broke the internet with her fierce natural hair, as little as she is, inspired so many of us. The list is so endless of the many women who show the courage to embrace their hair just as it is.
I’m truly inspired by many other naturals. People may talk or not, and it even so doesn’t matter at all. Yes natural hair can be frustrating at times from all the washing and conditioning and endless treatments, but it is really all worth the work and when you see growth it is even more rewarding. The natural hair community is evolving and that is a refreshing sight to see!


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