Hello July!



New month, still in winter motion and officially half way into the year! Time does fly!
Just a quick reminder! Are your hair and beauty goals for this year still intact? If so, then keep at it.
Let’s talk about hair myths. We all know there are thousands of hair remedies, especially for hair growth which is the one I want to talk about. I will move on to spiritual things right now. In my view, God is the creator of all things and everything (and your hair too). God is the only one who enables our hair to grow through the work that we put in as well. Human beings do not have the magic whatsoever to produce new hair. What we are doing is just maintaining the hair so it can be enabled to grow. Take a look at plants and crops. They get watered and maintained to enable growth in them, but it is really by the help of God who enables them to grow.
I do not believe in hair myths that claim that you can grow your hair 10 inches or more faster in a month or in how many days. We are living in an era where we want things NOW and FAST. We have lost the meaning that of faith comes with patience. I used to rush it as well until I got more understanding. And I’m not just talking about hair, there are many other things that we rush and want now, and we have totally lost the plot. If we say we are one with the Father than we should have patience within us. So the next time you rush into something, remember to have patience within you. Things that are rushed do not end up very far.
Speaking about God, I had a very interesting conversation last week about God and growth. God and growth goes hand in hand. That is why there is growth in plants, growth in nature and growth in human beings. They do not stay the same. And yes I do believe in growth, but not rushed growth. Growth in our actions, minds, our thoughts and our lives. We are creators just like our Creator. Growth is next to Godliness!


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