Skin care products review


Lately I had been searching for facial care products that provide for my needs because I recently noticed that my face was consistently oily with the previous facial products I was using. But I didn’t want to overthink it too much, just needed something light and simple. I love earthly products with natural ingredients so I thought about visiting Avon.

Here are my reviews about my experience with Avon facial products so far:

Avon care Light Moisture foaming gel cleanser with cucumber and green tea:

-Since using this, my face is always hydrated and smooth
-My consistently oily face began to decrease
-It smells earthly and lovely too
-My face is left feeling refreshed for a long time
-It is very light and foams up quickly
A 10/10 for this facial cleanser. I could not ask for a better cleanser

Avon care Light Moisture face gel-cream with cucumber and green tea:
-A gel like cream which smells very nice
-Very smooth and absorbs through the skin without leaving it dry
-It is also oil free, so no sign of oil
-Again, the face is left refreshed even outside in the harsh weather
A 10/10 for this face-cream as well

Avon planet Spa Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean Olive oil face mask:
I love face masks, especially ones that do not dry up your skin so much, so this one was the perfect fit
-A very smooth consistent and gel like cream
-It does not dry up the face even during the 20 minutes you should leave it on your face
-Face feels clean and refreshed after rinsing it off ( You literally can feel the breeze of fresh air after using this!)
I give this a 9/10

Avon facial products do not disappoint for me. They have one of the best facial products I have ever tried. You can find these on many Avon representatives who sell their products. Just thought I should share some of the amazing products to exist 🙂


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