Hairs for braids!

If you love braids and twists like I do, then you going to probably love what I’m sharing. There are pretty whole lot of hairpieces in the market to accompany us on that. So here I have compiled a list of best hairpieces you can use for braids and twists if you are unsure about certain hairpieces which are available. Preferably, I love ones that are hard and not silky, but at the end of the day it’s all about preference of choice.
• X-pression Ultra braid – These extensions are rather long, and you might have to cut through it for your desired length. They are very silky and have good quality, which come in a couple of awesome colours which are black, brown, lighter brown, blonde. They also come with ombre colours which is really cool. Mostly used for twists.

IMG09195-20121115-0846_1352962573749_o Here I did X-pression mixed with black and light brown
• Freetress hair crotchet braids faux locs – For locs lovers, I personally haven’t tried them but they look very lovely. The Freetress brand have these hairpieces and are 100% synthetic hair fibre. These can be found online on and they have a variety of other hair extensions as well
• Kanekalon Marley braid extension – For those who love big hair, Marley twists are the best for you. They are the in thing these days and they look very natural and gorgeous. One Marley is usually enough as I’ve heard, but if you want extra full volume, then you can opt for two Marley packs. Most of them cost between R120.00 – R150.00 estimation per pack. You can find other quality brands on the online store
• Ebony braid – An oldy but still a goody! These are one of the cheapest braids around with good quality as well.Still one of the best for braids for me! You can also use this for a bun braided extension on flattened hair for an idea! These are found in most possible hair stores.


• Soft dreads braids – These are more thinner compared to braids when put it. Did these a few years ago but I personally wouldn’t do them again because they are very thin and I don’t like very thin braids nowadays because of preventing loss of hair!


These are some of the hairpieces and brands that have caught my eye. Please let me know of some of your amazing and favourite hairpieces that you have tried on, would love to try them out too.


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