Taking too long to do your hair?


There can never be one of the most dreading experiences as to maintaining your natural hair like on your wash days and detangling. But spending time on your hair doesn’t have to take hours, in fact it can take less than you expect. I discovered recently that it doesn’t really have to be a drag.
Yes, natural hair is hard and coily, but the key here is to act fast and efficient. Here are some ways to be fast and quicker in maintaining your hair
• Set a time watch for yourself: Be determined and set a challenge for yourself that you should wash and/or deep condition your hair for the whole process to be 30 minutes or any time you prefer. Set the time watch from the beginning to end so that you know your time limit
• Point out the things in which you have been doing slower so that you can know your mistake. Try to be faster in detangling or combing, but never rush because you know you might not be doing your hair properly
• Be efficient as well, don’t do things so that you can finish in 2 minutes, but manage to do things in a quicker way
I discovered this because I was taking too much time on my hair, which is not good at all, especially when you are on a busy schedule daily or other things to take care of.
Ensure you buy hair products and combs/brushes that enable you to be quicker. Hair products that cause you to wash too many times or combs and brushes that do not comb through your hair properly, will definitely take too much of your time. Natural hair won’t be as easier as straight hair, but you can definitely eliminate time to do things quicker and efficient.
Also, I find working through your hair in big chunk parts, whether moisturizing or washing, makes it easier and faster, and effective as well to make sure all the products you put on get through all your hair.

Here’s to a happy and more manageable hair journey!



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