LipSticks and Glosses!

Have you ever struggled to find the best lipsticks of your choice? For me I’ve went with Avon matte and glossy lipsticks. Not only do you want to find all the good colours, but also ones that moisturize your lips and do not leave them dry. I always want to find lipsticks that have a great look and most importantly leave my lips feeling moist at the same time and for a long time.
Here’s a quick review on some few Avon lipsticks I’ve tried out which work perfectly for me:

Avon Matte lipsticks – I love these ones because they stay on the lips for hours and you don’t have to reapply all the time unless you are eating or drinking.
• Either than having a dry feeling, they do moisturize your lips and keeps the colour looking radiant for longer
• Reapply few times a day because the color does not go out easily
• What I love about the Avon matte lipsticks is that they do not dry up the lips to a certain extent where you can’t even move your lips properly or your lips feeling sticky or just having an uncomfortable feeling. I have tried out some other matte lipsticks and glosses of other brands where my lips feel extremely dry, and when I want to remove it, it takes me a long time to take out which is a dreading process.


Avon True lipstick
• Different from the matte one, rather glossy and shiny
• Again, it moisturizes the lips well and leaves them feeling good
• You might have to reapply from time to time as it can remove quickly when your lips are in motion a lot


Avon Ultra shiny tubes Lip gloss
• This is by far one of the best lip glosses I have tried
• It is quite thick in consistency and very moist. I bought the watermelon pop color which is pinkish.
• What I love about it compared to others I’ve tried is that to my surprise it stays very long on the lips for a couple of hours if you do not eat or drink
• I bought it the last 3 months and use it quite often and it is still nowhere near to the finish. Very cost effective!

I give these products a 9/10 for their very good quality!


3 thoughts on “LipSticks and Glosses!

  1. oluchee says:

    I’m always in search of a lip stick. I think that’s one makeup product that I keep around me at all touch.

    I’m tired of having to touch up all the time, how about a longlasting lipstick?


  2. J1000 says:

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