5 Common Natural Hair Myths


5 Natural hair myths that make you want to give up natural hair when you don’t see RESULTS!

  1. Grow your hair 5 inches in a month with ‘whatsoever’method: Yes natural hair grows, but each and everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. Others will be faster or slower than the other. Don’t expect to grow 10’inch hair after you have cut your hair 3 months ago. When something looks too good to be true, it probably is! ( Like the get rich quick schemes!) Everything takes patience! So when you are consistent and patient with your hair, a few years down the line you will see massive progress.
  2. Natural hair/ Black hair can’t grow: I’ve seen a lot of testimonials of people who have started to grow their hair from nothing to very luscious long hair. Whoever told you black hair can’t grow is a total lie. The reason why some may disagree that black hair can grow, because of its curly pattern, it appears shorter. There are many ways to stretch your hair from bantu knots, to twists, straightners and braids if you desire for a longer look.
  3. You can’t comb through it: Unless you comb it when it is completely dry, with the right hair products and conditioners and when it is wet, you are able to comb through it easily. Bare in mind that natural hair is not the same as straight hair so you can’t expect to comb it in the same conditions as straight hair.
  4. It shrinks so it doesn’t grow: Yes, natural hair shrinks when it is consumed by water but that’s just because it has been in contact with water. When it dries out and do methods to stretch it, you will see that it goes back to its original state. I find that when take at a proper length of my hair, it reaches shoulder length.
  5. It’s too hard to manage: Honestly, it does take a little bit of work than relaxed or straight hair when you look at the reality but there are easier ways to manage natural hair without you being frustrated. Being natural doesn’t mean you have to spend many hours doing your hair, you just have to find ways to manage your time and hair well and you will find that it is not much big of a deal as some people make it out to be.







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