Why you should know your Hair Porosity 

​​Believe it or not, I had not known there was such a thing called hair porosity until a couple of weeks ago. It made me see things a whole lot differently about understanding my hair and how to maintain it.

Ok, so some of you may have heard this already, but for some who don’t know hair porosity simply means the ability of your hair to absorb and maintain moisture. How easy or difficult it is for your hair to absorb moisture depends on your type of hair porosity.

Hair porosity is broken down into three categories which is normal, high and low porosity. Those with normal porosity have no problem absorbing and retaining moisture. It requires the least amount of maintenance as there are no gaps and holes in between.

If you have high porosity, your hair is easily able to absorb moisture but loses moisture quickly. You might find that your hair dries quicker after being exposed to water or moisture. High porosity works well with heavy butters and oils so to prevent the moisture from going out too quickly.

Low porosity, which is my type, has the most difficult time to absorb moisture. Because curls are tightly curled, it needs much lighter products to help absorb moisture. Heavy butters and creams are not great for this type as those products will just sit on top of your hair and create hair build-up. Water based products, light oils ( argan, jojoba, sweet almond, grapeseed) and humectants ( aloe vera, glycerin) are great to maintain the moisture of your hair. The good thing about low porosity is that once moisture enters, it stays for a while which helps with low manipulation.

To test your hair porosity, take a glass of water and gently put clean strands of your hair on top of the water.

• If your hair floats on the surface of the water, you have low porosity

•If your hair sinks to the middle of the glass, you have normal porosity

•If your hair sinks pretty fast straight to the bottom of the glass, you have high porosity

The great side of knowing your hair porosity is that it will help you massively on your choices of hair products, which will save you time and money. You might still continue your journey of finding products that will work best for you and that is just part of the journey. Patience is always the key.

Hope this helps!


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