Fun beauty tips you’ll love

We all want to feel and look beautiful and mostly to maintain some of our beauty conditions. You don’t need to spend R1000’s on products that will kill your budget. Here are some of my ‘easy on the pockets’ beauty tips for an instant beauty upgrade!

Scent Spritz

If you not a perfume person like myself, opt for a natural spritz scent like the one I use from Avon. They are delicate on the skin, don’t give off a strong smell but yet still smell fresh and earthly 🙂

Sweet almond oil 

For glowing skin, I use sweet almond oil mixed with my body cream which lasts on the skin for hours. For the face, massage 1-2 drops of sweet almond oil on the cheeks after a face wash for an instant glow.


Make avocado your best friend for a glowing face as a facial mask. It’s been used over for decades and it really does make a difference. Easy on the face and no chemicals whatsoever! 

Lip therapy
For moistured lips, use Dis Chem’s lip therapy for hours of moistured lips to avoid cracked lips. Vaseline is also a great alternative!

What are some of your favourite beauty tips? 


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