To comb or not to comb?!?

When people come to me and ask “isn’t it hard to comb your hair?” or “I’d love to have your hair but I’m afraid of the comb” are probably the most common sayings I hear from people. And to answer that question, it really isn’t that much of a deal to comb my hair, in fact I comb it just about 20%-30%. Yes in the past, I didn’t have the best relationship with combs because in my mistake, I always used to comb on dry hair which was truly dreadful. 
The thing is the more you comb it, the more your hair sheds. 4c hair is fragile and a couple of mistakes can lead you back to square one depending how strong your hair is. Natural hair is delicate, so it can handle just enough combing. Freely release your hair from damage with these simple steps I believe will relieve you from combing a lot

The trick is:

  • To detangle your hair with a comb while damp after washing it
  • To enlarge afro size, just prick hair with a comb only on the roots and never comb from root to tip
  • Keep your hair in sections when sleeping (bantu knots, twists) to avoid tangled hair
  • Finger combing is a must most of the time 
  • Protective styling! Protective styling! Protective styling! 

When I first started out on my natural hair journey I always wondered why bloggers were saying comb less and finger detangle more. Now this theory has become a norm to me and makes total sense.

      Just remember deep conditioning and regular moisturizing really makes a difference to make your hair soft and manageable.

      Again it’s in your preference on where you you want to use a comb in your regimen. Other hair types are more prone to combs than others so you should always determine how your hair reacts.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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