Hair genetics

Hair genetics can be a confusing topic concerning the many have facts and opinions, this has to be one of the most debatable topics of all time. Science has proven to us that your hair growth is dependent on your genetics but how much of this do we really know? We see all sorts of hair growth remedies including taking vitamins, pills, drinks and so forth that guarantee hair growth but how do we know for sure that they play a role in our hair growth?  Does our hair length truly depend on hair genetics? Why do some girls have longer hair than others? Some people have to work hard to retain hair length, while to some hair grows like a breeze.

Hair genetics plays a huge role in determining the length and strength of your hair. If your mother’s or father’s side of the family has a history of long or short haired relatives then chances are you will inherit from them. This is true concerning the fact that our physical features come from our parents and relatives.

In a few articles I have read, your hair has a period of 2-8 years of possible growth and your growth cycle can end anywhere just between those specified years. This explains why some girls have longer hair than others, and why all our hair lengths are different and why we cannot manage to reach a desired length we wish to retain.

Although hair genetics seems to take a huge role, the damage we do to our hair can also affect the potential results of hair growth. Things such as colouring, heat, chemicals and tightly done protective styling may be one of the side effects that prevent us from seeing true results and how far our hair can reach. But it is also true that all hair types are different and colouring for example might not do as much damage to my hair than it might do to yours. Not forgetting that an illness may also affect hair growth and strength.

So now it comes to the questioning of hair products and how true their statements are concerning hair growth. Are they really able to help us retain length even if our growth cycle has ended? Or are they just selling us false promises instead of telling us the truth? Are we just not taking good care of our hair? How sure are we of the ‘hard to pronounce’ ingredients we find in products that we have no clue about?

With so many unanswered questions and lots of different opinions, to me it still remains one of the most mysterious subjects. One thing I know for sure is that hair genetics and good hair care, regardless of other factors, plays a huge role on the outcome of your hair.

What are your thoughts concerning hair genetics?


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