Beauty and hair hacks

As you guys know I’m quite a big fan of testing out beauty tips and tricks that are valuable to me the quicker and easiest way without having to spend too much time on the mirror. So here 3 of my tips I thought I should share that work effectively for me and things that I’ve discovered recently:

Aunt Jackie’s flaxseed elongating curling gel

I love this gel as it produces incredible shine and softness to my hair (I tend to have a bad habit of using it in replacement of a moisturiser most of the time even when I’m not curling). If you own the Aunt Jackie’s gel, you might probably notice that in heat weather conditions the colour and the consistency of the gel changes (yellowish colour). There is extreme heat condition where I’m residing, and it makes no difference if I put it in a closed cupboard or out in the open. So I tried placing it in the fridge to see if it will go back to it’s original state and it did 😊. When exposed to a hot temperature it is not as much effective compared to when you get it from the shops.

Try putting it in the fridge and you will see the difference!

NB: I’m not sure about other gel brands



Try putting vaseline on your lashes before applying your mascara, and not only it elongates the length of your lashes but you can easily remove your mascara by the end of the day with a facial make up remover or facial wipes. Please make sure not to overdose, to prevent your eyes from being squint all day!

Leave-in Conditioner

If your conditioner is a little bit thick than how you want it to be, mix it with some water and put it in a spray bottle. I do this with my leave-in conditioners because most of them are quite too thick for my hair. It’s so much easier that way because you prevent product build up and ‘whiteness’ that might appear on your hair if you put it on directly.

20170224_070637-1      20170223_153003

It’s a wrap! What are some of your favourite beauty hacks?




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