What to do if you don’t have the funds to purchase products

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Hi beautiful ladies! Okay, truth be told not all of us are able to afford hair products and some of the ones that we desire are a little bit pricey. Popular ones that we see in different countries might be expensive in your country, and buying in different currencies is a another mission as well, especially those that are rare and hard to find.

So does that mean you should kill your budget? No, not unless you need it. (or unless you are rich!) But I often get the frustration of a highly recommended product I read about somewhere only to find out that it costs big bucks. So what now? Well, my answer to that question is to just let it go, find another alternative or WAIT. I know you didn’t expect that answer, but it’s the simple truth.

Most of us ladies tend to buy things that we don’t really need then when we finally have what we want (not what we need), we end up realising that it was a waste of money and you have a bathroom full of products you don’t use.

So before buying buying a product ask yourself?

“Do I really need it?”

“How is it going to benefit the quality of hair or my skin?”

“Am I just buying this because it is popular?”

“Or do I want this product just to fit in and everybody is talking about it?”

“Does this product fit into my hair type?”

“Have I done enough research about this product?”

The good news about some of these questions is that you can find the answers almost everywhere going from social media to search engines. But some of them needs a little bit of thinking and being honest with yourself.

So, you decided that you need it and you’ve done all the research you can possibly do? Well, save up! It is the only solution (or find another alternative product). Oh and that comes with self discipline. Buying things we do not need makes ourselves our own worst enemies. And it’s not only hair products, but a number of things such as natural wigs and extensions (those are the worst), skin products and so on.

Also an important part is that if you are buying something really expensive, how long will it last you? If you are purchasing something expensive that is going to last you 2 weeks is just useless if you are on a low budget, because you are going to have to buy that product from time and time again. And if you buy it once off, how will you know the true potential of that product working for you? Always keep these questions in mind before making any purchases and save the moo-la. They can be a real life saver😊.

Compare prices if you can from shop to shop and look out for coupons and vouchers in your favourite stores and receive rewards.

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