Oils for hair growth

hair growth

Wondering which oils are specifically beneficial for your hair growth? I’ve compiled a list of carrier and essential oils to make it simpler for you to choose from to be on the right track. There are a lot of oils out there which may seem daunting but there are different uses for specific oils.

Carrier oils are known as the base or vegetable oils which can be used alone or mixed with other essential oils. You usually need a carrier oil in order to dilute and to mix other essential oils. To make it simpler, carrier oils are the main oils that help carry essential oils:

Coconut oil

  • Great to use as a hair sealant and conditions the hair and scalp
  • Provides protein for damaged hair and can even assist in the re-growth of damaged hair
  • Makes your hair soft and can also be used as a pre-poo treatment

Castor oil

  • Helps promote hair growth and can be used alone to seal in the moisture
  • Softens and thickens the hair and can be used to prevent the scalp from drying out
  • Great for scalp cleansing removing dirt and toxins

Vitamin E oil

  • Proper circulation used with this oil leads to the flourishing of hair follicles leading to hair growth
  • Improves circulation including the scalp

Jojoba oil

  • Penetrates the hair and scalp to help remove any sort of hair build-up
  • Your hair and scalp are left clean to continue with normal functioning; a pathway to help hair growth on a clean slate
  • Great for all hair types and moisturises the hair

Essential oils are highly strong and overpowering and usually measured in drops. So it is advisable to use them in assistance with carrier oils as I mentioned above. So pouring few amounts of drops into carrier oils is enough. They inherit the fragrance from the plants they are extracted from:

Rosemary oil

  • Revives hair follicles encouraging hair growth
  • Encourages blood circulation promoting strong and healthy hair
  • Helps fight thinning hair and premature greying
  • Not recommended for women who are pregnant

Peppermint oil

  • Restores blood flow through hair roots making it a pathway for the health of hair, scalp and hair growth
  • Opens clogged pores and encourages normal flow of skin oils

Basil oil

  • Promotes hair growth and healthy scalp regarding stimulation

Bay oil

  • Essential for hair growth
  • Provides moisture and shine to the hair

Lavender oil

  • Controls hair breakage and promotes hair growth
  • Beneficial for a re-growth scalp treatment
  • Great for all hair types and treats severe scalp and hair conditions like alopecia areata

Cedar oil

  • This warm oil improves blood circulation
  • Revives hair follicles resulting in hair growth
  • Treats hair loss and damaged hair

Thyme oil

  • Increases blood flow to the scalp resulting in hair growth
  • Can be used with other hair products to prevent hair loss

Basically most of these oils have similar capabilities but others are more beneficial than others for certain hair and scalp conditions. If you want to prepare your hair for hair growth but you are not sure if your hair is in a proper condition, it is best to start with oils such as jojoba to remove product build-up and prepare your hair to return to normal functioning, peppermint to increase blood flow through the roots or lavender/cedar if you have hair breakage.



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