My 2018 Entrance


Hey ladies!

So it’s we at the end of February?? Wow time goes by so fast. Wasn’t just yesterday that we celebrated the new coming of 2018?…

Anyway hope all is well with you. Hopefully everyone has settled in into the New Year and it’s looking up to good times and memories. What you been up to lately?

So recently I’ve started this whole new journey in photography. Yes, I’m a photographer lol! It is really just the beginning stage and no major gigs or anything just yet, but I’m hopeful all will go well as I continue to build myself and my photography journey. (Probably the reason I have been quiet for a while). Please see my instagram page for a couple pictures you can view!

So what have I been up to with my hair? Quite a number of things. So, I’ve taken a break from too much products/grease on my hair because I feel like my hair was not at its best with all the different products I put to it. Normal as usual with wash days and deep conditioning, but I’ve given my hair a break from all the different moisturizing products that include grease and crèmes. My reason? To maintain the overall health of my hair as grease can increase a lot product buildup unnecessarily. So this is just a personal decision just to examine the quality of my hair.

Oh and I blow dried my hair couple of weeks ago after a very long time. I bought the heat protection serum from the Afri True range I bought from Clicks which was only just 30 bucks. I blow dried my hair in sections in twists and took me about less than an hour to finish up. The results are below but the blow out only just lasted for a day (hand over the face!). I went to sleep that day and woke up my hair back to normal again lol. I guess the thickness of my 4c hair couldn’t handle it.

20180206_123129-1The blow dry

For most times my hair has been in chunks of twists during this year and couple of times left it out as an afro. Now I think I’m ready for a protective hairstyle! 😊

What have you been up to with your hair lately?





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