Quick Beauty Tip!

Ever wanted a lip gloss of a certain color but can’t seem to find it at the spot?

No worries!

Grab a clear lip gloss and any color lipstick of your choice and blend them together to make that cool color effect of any color lip gloss, just like I did on my picture below! I blended together my lip gloss with my pink lipstick which created that effect! (First apply a gloss then your lip stick)

You can try blending a lip gloss and two or more lipsticks to create a unique color lip effect of your own!



Product Review: Aunt Jackie’s and African Pride

It’s 2017 and I hope all is well with you. Let’s toast to a good year ahead!

These are probably the “not so good” products I have tried in the past year and I thought I should share the downs and probably the ups about the products I am about to mention. It’s been a roller-coaster year of trying new things and the journey will never probably end! When you are a natural you are bound to try new things all the time, and sometimes you might get disappointed about some of them.

It gets boring when sometimes you are too excited about the product you heard from a friend or a recommendation somewhere only to find out when you try it out, it’s not what you expected at all. So let’s get to it!

African Pride Olive Miracle- Anti Breakage Crème



  • The crème and consistency is actually very impressive
  • Quite slippery on the hair


  • Felt like it dries out my hair in the long run
  • Leaves visible white marks on my hair which stays on until my next hair wash, especially when you put on a lot
  • Probably not best for 4c hair but for hair that is straighter
  • It mentions you can apply on the hair and scalp. I think it’s probably best to use it on your scalp only when you have natural hair


Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la Defining Curl Custard



  • The smell is nice. Might be quite strong for people who are sensitive
  • The colour and packaging is actually quite cute!
  • Very smooth consistency! Looks like yoghurt like you can eat it up!
  • Very slippery on my hair and leaves my hair smoother for longer
  • It does actually deliver to its promise
  • Leaves hair silky and shiny


  • The downside of it is that it really shrinks my hair, I think up to 70%
  • Sometimes when I want to do certain hairstyles with my hair I’m unable to because my hair is really little every time I use it
  • It does mention you can blow dry your hair on the instructions though I never tried that out. It probably has a different outcome when you blow dry your hair.
  • It probably won’t be best for you if you enjoy your long natural hair

I hope you all enjoyed my product review! Please let me know of your thoughts if you have ever used these products and how they work for you. I would love to know!


LipSticks and Glosses!

Have you ever struggled to find the best lipsticks of your choice? For me I’ve went with Avon matte and glossy lipsticks. Not only do you want to find all the good colours, but also ones that moisturize your lips and do not leave them dry. I always want to find lipsticks that have a great look and most importantly leave my lips feeling moist at the same time and for a long time.
Here’s a quick review on some few Avon lipsticks I’ve tried out which work perfectly for me:

Avon Matte lipsticks – I love these ones because they stay on the lips for hours and you don’t have to reapply all the time unless you are eating or drinking.
• Either than having a dry feeling, they do moisturize your lips and keeps the colour looking radiant for longer
• Reapply few times a day because the color does not go out easily
• What I love about the Avon matte lipsticks is that they do not dry up the lips to a certain extent where you can’t even move your lips properly or your lips feeling sticky or just having an uncomfortable feeling. I have tried out some other matte lipsticks and glosses of other brands where my lips feel extremely dry, and when I want to remove it, it takes me a long time to take out which is a dreading process.


Avon True lipstick
• Different from the matte one, rather glossy and shiny
• Again, it moisturizes the lips well and leaves them feeling good
• You might have to reapply from time to time as it can remove quickly when your lips are in motion a lot


Avon Ultra shiny tubes Lip gloss
• This is by far one of the best lip glosses I have tried
• It is quite thick in consistency and very moist. I bought the watermelon pop color which is pinkish.
• What I love about it compared to others I’ve tried is that to my surprise it stays very long on the lips for a couple of hours if you do not eat or drink
• I bought it the last 3 months and use it quite often and it is still nowhere near to the finish. Very cost effective!

I give these products a 9/10 for their very good quality!

Skin care products review


Lately I had been searching for facial care products that provide for my needs because I recently noticed that my face was consistently oily with the previous facial products I was using. But I didn’t want to overthink it too much, just needed something light and simple. I love earthly products with natural ingredients so I thought about visiting Avon.

Here are my reviews about my experience with Avon facial products so far:

Avon care Light Moisture foaming gel cleanser with cucumber and green tea:

-Since using this, my face is always hydrated and smooth
-My consistently oily face began to decrease
-It smells earthly and lovely too
-My face is left feeling refreshed for a long time
-It is very light and foams up quickly
A 10/10 for this facial cleanser. I could not ask for a better cleanser

Avon care Light Moisture face gel-cream with cucumber and green tea:
-A gel like cream which smells very nice
-Very smooth and absorbs through the skin without leaving it dry
-It is also oil free, so no sign of oil
-Again, the face is left refreshed even outside in the harsh weather
A 10/10 for this face-cream as well

Avon planet Spa Heavenly Hydration with Mediterranean Olive oil face mask:
I love face masks, especially ones that do not dry up your skin so much, so this one was the perfect fit
-A very smooth consistent and gel like cream
-It does not dry up the face even during the 20 minutes you should leave it on your face
-Face feels clean and refreshed after rinsing it off ( You literally can feel the breeze of fresh air after using this!)
I give this a 9/10

Avon facial products do not disappoint for me. They have one of the best facial products I have ever tried. You can find these on many Avon representatives who sell their products. Just thought I should share some of the amazing products to exist 🙂

Hello July!



New month, still in winter motion and officially half way into the year! Time does fly!
Just a quick reminder! Are your hair and beauty goals for this year still intact? If so, then keep at it.
Let’s talk about hair myths. We all know there are thousands of hair remedies, especially for hair growth which is the one I want to talk about. I will move on to spiritual things right now. In my view, God is the creator of all things and everything (and your hair too). God is the only one who enables our hair to grow through the work that we put in as well. Human beings do not have the magic whatsoever to produce new hair. What we are doing is just maintaining the hair so it can be enabled to grow. Take a look at plants and crops. They get watered and maintained to enable growth in them, but it is really by the help of God who enables them to grow.
I do not believe in hair myths that claim that you can grow your hair 10 inches or more faster in a month or in how many days. We are living in an era where we want things NOW and FAST. We have lost the meaning that of faith comes with patience. I used to rush it as well until I got more understanding. And I’m not just talking about hair, there are many other things that we rush and want now, and we have totally lost the plot. If we say we are one with the Father than we should have patience within us. So the next time you rush into something, remember to have patience within you. Things that are rushed do not end up very far.
Speaking about God, I had a very interesting conversation last week about God and growth. God and growth goes hand in hand. That is why there is growth in plants, growth in nature and growth in human beings. They do not stay the same. And yes I do believe in growth, but not rushed growth. Growth in our actions, minds, our thoughts and our lives. We are creators just like our Creator. Growth is next to Godliness!

Surprising things that ruin your good looks+your hair

Hair progress-20160309-1231

Did you know stress and worry is one of the main factors of ruining your hair and your good looks? Mm something to think about? I was surprised too. Carry on reading, you will find it more interesting than you think it is! As I always say, taking care of yourself and your hair is not only on your outward appearance, it is also as important as the inside.

1. Stress and worry causes unwanted acne, eczema or rashes
2. It causes under eye bags when you are not getting enough sleep
3. When you are not drinking enough water, you are prone to a dry skin
4. Stress can cause the melanin in your hair to stop producing, leaving it to become grey
5. It can also cause your hair to become thinner when your hair follicles get less oxygen, minerals and vitamins needed for your hair to grow
6. Hatred and anger can also contribute in affecting our looks. As I have read in Dale Carnegie’s book “How to stop worrying and start living” quotes: “I know people, and so do you, whose faces have been wrinkled and hardened by hate and disfigured by resentment. All the cosmetic surgery in Christendom won’t improve their looks half so much as would a heart full of forgiveness, tenderness and love.”
I was reading an article earlier on where it has been researched also by some hair salon owners that they can easily spot clients who are dealing with stress where there are signs of hair loss, lack of shine and thinning. This causes your hair to break easily.
You might want to think twice when you start to stress and worry! Learn ways on how to manage your stress and love yourself enough not to torture yourself. Remember drink lots of water, get enough sleep, and forgive yourself and others as well!

Simple tips to a hair growing journey

tipppsOK, so I have written a guide and goals for myself to help me through my hair journey. I thought I would share it, so here are my simple tips to get me through the journey!

My simple top 5 tips to a growing hair journey
1. Appreciate your hair- Appreciate your hair even if it’s a TWA. One of my biggest mistakes when I started out natural, I didn’t love the fact that my hair was short. I used to always braid or sew in a weave. Of course, you can put them on once in a while but make sure to give your hair a break now and then. Your hair is unlikely to grow when it is being pulled constantly, especially by the hairline. As I have researched, it is wise to keep your protective styles for a period of 6-8 weeks.
2. Don’t change products now and then- Don’t jump from one product to another immediately when you don’t see any growth. Changing a million products won’t help grow your hair. Find the ones best suited for your hair and stick to them. Explore with homemade recipes as well.
3. If you take care of it well, it will grow- If you treat your hair properly, it will meet you half-way! And that includes moisturizing and sealing, conditioning, deep conditioning, washing, scalp treatments and so on, and finding a regime that works for you. Have some protective hairstyles as well.
4. Eat well and exercise- A good diet and exercise counts a huge role in hair growth. The interior will take care of exterior!
5. Have patience- Last but not least, don’t rush for your hair to grow otherwise you will give up too quickly. Anyone that has accomplished something great in the end has endured patience! Never forget how important patience is!

I hope this was helpful!