Quick Fun Hairstyle

There’s a hairstyle I tried a couple of days ago, (I call it the Dreadlocks effect because people presume I’m on dreadlocks!) of curly twists about a week ago, quick and easy to do. Less manipulation on your hair and it lasted me up to a week. Steps: You just simply twist your hair in … Continue reading Quick Fun Hairstyle


My 2018 Entrance

Hey ladies! So it’s we at the end of February?? Wow time goes by so fast. Wasn't just yesterday that we celebrated the new coming of 2018?… Anyway hope all is well with you. Hopefully everyone has settled in into the New Year and it’s looking up to good times and memories. What you been … Continue reading My 2018 Entrance

Happy New Year!

Last day of the Year! Let's welcome 2018 with joyful spirits and positivity. May the new year be filled with lots of Happiness, Joy, Health, Faith, Strength and Peace. New wonderful memories await! Wishing you Abundance and Prosperity and the healthy hair journey continues! Happy New Year!!!