Quick Fun Facts: Did you know?


African Braiding Hair is an ancient tribe which was founded in a couple of countries in the likes of Asia, Europe, Africa, Egypt and many more!

Hair braiding is predicted to have started back in the 3500 B.C but it cannot be traced to the exact time period located. In fact it might have started earlier than we can think.

I have once come across a quoted line which I found very interesting in the Old Testament in the Bible in the book of Song of Songs 7:5- “Your head is held high like Mount Carmel. Your braided hair shines like the finest; its beauty could hold a king captive”  🙂  If it can be traced in the Old Testament who knows how long it has existed!

Braided hair is still a trending style even to this day in many cultures, countries and races!

Product Review: Aunt Jackie’s and African Pride

It’s 2017 and I hope all is well with you. Let’s toast to a good year ahead!

These are probably the “not so good” products I have tried in the past year and I thought I should share the downs and probably the ups about the products I am about to mention. It’s been a roller-coaster year of trying new things and the journey will never probably end! When you are a natural you are bound to try new things all the time, and sometimes you might get disappointed about some of them.

It gets boring when sometimes you are too excited about the product you heard from a friend or a recommendation somewhere only to find out when you try it out, it’s not what you expected at all. So let’s get to it!

African Pride Olive Miracle- Anti Breakage Crème



  • The crème and consistency is actually very impressive
  • Quite slippery on the hair


  • Felt like it dries out my hair in the long run
  • Leaves visible white marks on my hair which stays on until my next hair wash, especially when you put on a lot
  • Probably not best for 4c hair but for hair that is straighter
  • It mentions you can apply on the hair and scalp. I think it’s probably best to use it on your scalp only when you have natural hair


Aunt Jackie’s Curl la la Defining Curl Custard



  • The smell is nice. Might be quite strong for people who are sensitive
  • The colour and packaging is actually quite cute!
  • Very smooth consistency! Looks like yoghurt like you can eat it up!
  • Very slippery on my hair and leaves my hair smoother for longer
  • It does actually deliver to its promise
  • Leaves hair silky and shiny


  • The downside of it is that it really shrinks my hair, I think up to 70%
  • Sometimes when I want to do certain hairstyles with my hair I’m unable to because my hair is really little every time I use it
  • It does mention you can blow dry your hair on the instructions though I never tried that out. It probably has a different outcome when you blow dry your hair.
  • It probably won’t be best for you if you enjoy your long natural hair

I hope you all enjoyed my product review! Please let me know of your thoughts if you have ever used these products and how they work for you. I would love to know!


Lessons and wisdom of 2016

As we all know as naturals, it takes a process to find what suitable products suit your hair. Through thousands of hair care products to choose from, it’s kind of impossible to try each and every one of them and the only thing we can do is to go with our instincts or to research as much as possible from other people with your hair type all over the internet.

The thing about natural hair is that it can be quite a frustration when you are unable to manage it or find those few products that make your hair the exact way you want it and I’ve heard some people complaining that they are tired of natural hair and want to move over to relaxed hair.

I will admit it is quite a process to get to understand your hair and it doesn’t happen overnight, it can take some months or even a few years. Especially for black Africans who have coily hair from hair type 4a-c. What I’ve learnt is that when you decide to be a natural, you need to have the patience for it. Study more about your hair type, and make sure you are ready for the challenge.

One thing I always remember at the back of my mind when I think about the frustration or sometimes when I just don’t feel like doing my hair( it does happen sometimes), is that I will reap the rewards of strong, healthy and growing hair in the long run! There always is. When you take care of your seed, it will eventually grow.

2016 has been an interesting year for me and a lot wisdom which comes along with it.As I’ve started this blog in April this year, I am really glad to have come this far. These are my few most important thoughts I thought I should share throughout the journey this year:

  • Never put on too much oil on your hair to avoid your hair being too greasy. A little goes a long way.
  • Some products you thought were great when you bought them and didn’t work, will never work on your hair. Just dust it off and move on!
  • Always try to moisture your hair to eliminate dryness which eventually leads to breakage.
  • Do not listen to everything people say regarding hair treatment and hair growth. Be realistic. And listen to your inner soul. Believe it or not your hair is not just hair; it’s a living nature from GOD!
  • If you working on a tight budget, you can still find easier ways to take care of your hair by using natural remedies or using reasonable priced products.
  • Forgive yourself. Not everything you do to your hair will be perfect!
  • It’s Okay to do protective styling such as braiding/weaving at times. If people reprimand you for not being a complete natural, it’s their problem, NOT YOURS!



Why I stopped spritzing water on my hair during braids

So I’ve realised how doing this method by spritzing water on my hair while having braids could dry and damage my hair at the same time. I only started trying this method on the braids I installed twice before and I didn’t think much of it until I noticed pretty much dryness on my hair.
Again, the reason for spraying your natural hair with water is so that you can have moisture and then after applying oil or cream to lock in that moisture. With braids I found it different because even if you can spray water and apply oil or cream, it is much difficult to lock all the moisture with oil and cream on all strands of the hair.

At first I would spray water only without locking the moisture in and I found my hair to be very dry and dull. Then I started using oil after spraying my braids and hair with water, but I found it very challenging to put it on every braid of the hair because not all of the oil can go through as the braids are connected tightly into the hair.
For this reason, I stopped doing this completely when I have braids installed because I hated the fact that my hair was very dry while my braids were installed and I had that uncomfortable feeling and I felt like maybe this was damaging my hair as well.
Right now I have twists installed and I opted for a braiding spray instead of water and oil. My hair feels a lot better now and it doesn’t feel as dry as it used to be while on braids. I use the Sta-Sof-Fro braid spray, and it is not only for spraying the braids and hair but also onto the scalp so it can be massaged so both my hair and scalp are hydrated, and the braids are kept shining as well!


5 Common Natural Hair Myths


5 Natural hair myths that make you want to give up natural hair when you don’t see RESULTS!

  1. Grow your hair 5 inches in a month with ‘whatsoever’method: Yes natural hair grows, but each and everyone’s hair grows at a different pace. Others will be faster or slower than the other. Don’t expect to grow 10’inch hair after you have cut your hair 3 months ago. When something looks too good to be true, it probably is! ( Like the get rich quick schemes!) Everything takes patience! So when you are consistent and patient with your hair, a few years down the line you will see massive progress.
  2. Natural hair/ Black hair can’t grow: I’ve seen a lot of testimonials of people who have started to grow their hair from nothing to very luscious long hair. Whoever told you black hair can’t grow is a total lie. The reason why some may disagree that black hair can grow, because of its curly pattern, it appears shorter. There are many ways to stretch your hair from bantu knots, to twists, straightners and braids if you desire for a longer look.
  3. You can’t comb through it: Unless you comb it when it is completely dry, with the right hair products and conditioners and when it is wet, you are able to comb through it easily. Bare in mind that natural hair is not the same as straight hair so you can’t expect to comb it in the same conditions as straight hair.
  4. It shrinks so it doesn’t grow: Yes, natural hair shrinks when it is consumed by water but that’s just because it has been in contact with water. When it dries out and do methods to stretch it, you will see that it goes back to its original state. I find that when take at a proper length of my hair, it reaches shoulder length.
  5. It’s too hard to manage: Honestly, it does take a little bit of work than relaxed or straight hair when you look at the reality but there are easier ways to manage natural hair without you being frustrated. Being natural doesn’t mean you have to spend many hours doing your hair, you just have to find ways to manage your time and hair well and you will find that it is not much big of a deal as some people make it out to be.






LipSticks and Glosses!

Have you ever struggled to find the best lipsticks of your choice? For me I’ve went with Avon matte and glossy lipsticks. Not only do you want to find all the good colours, but also ones that moisturize your lips and do not leave them dry. I always want to find lipsticks that have a great look and most importantly leave my lips feeling moist at the same time and for a long time.
Here’s a quick review on some few Avon lipsticks I’ve tried out which work perfectly for me:

Avon Matte lipsticks – I love these ones because they stay on the lips for hours and you don’t have to reapply all the time unless you are eating or drinking.
• Either than having a dry feeling, they do moisturize your lips and keeps the colour looking radiant for longer
• Reapply few times a day because the color does not go out easily
• What I love about the Avon matte lipsticks is that they do not dry up the lips to a certain extent where you can’t even move your lips properly or your lips feeling sticky or just having an uncomfortable feeling. I have tried out some other matte lipsticks and glosses of other brands where my lips feel extremely dry, and when I want to remove it, it takes me a long time to take out which is a dreading process.


Avon True lipstick
• Different from the matte one, rather glossy and shiny
• Again, it moisturizes the lips well and leaves them feeling good
• You might have to reapply from time to time as it can remove quickly when your lips are in motion a lot


Avon Ultra shiny tubes Lip gloss
• This is by far one of the best lip glosses I have tried
• It is quite thick in consistency and very moist. I bought the watermelon pop color which is pinkish.
• What I love about it compared to others I’ve tried is that to my surprise it stays very long on the lips for a couple of hours if you do not eat or drink
• I bought it the last 3 months and use it quite often and it is still nowhere near to the finish. Very cost effective!

I give these products a 9/10 for their very good quality!

Our hair is our Crown


Earlier this week my heart broke to the racism against black African hair. We are finally seeing ourselves for the true Africans that we are and finally able to express ourselves through our hair and traditions. One of the bravest kids in Pretoria High School stood up for their natural hair, of whom Zulaikha Petal started the protest, against racism in terms of our hair type. They were told to relax their hair because their hair seemed “untidy”.
It’s one thing to receive criticism, but it’s another thing to fight for what you believe in. Despite all that has happened, I feel inspired and salute Zulaikha by standing up for her rights. Such stories teach you about the importance of bravery and courage. Racism might not be over yet, that’s why we need to refuse to all oppression. No one should be treated or made feel less because of their appearance. Freedom is given to us to express ourselves in every way, including our hair.
Many may say how imperfect our hair is, but they cannot take away our pride we have in our own hair.
Just remember that you set your own freedom through your own thoughts and the ability of having a positive mental attitude in the way for you to express yourself through your actions. No one can decide what’s best for you better than you, and whenever you might experience such a situation, always go back to what you believe in. I believe in setting your own freedom by your own mentality and the ability of removing doubt and fear you have about yourself or about anything else.
Black girls hair is beautiful and that’s that. It is all well. Be glad in your Crown. No amount of words can change that! The Afro has been rocked by Africans for decades of years way before our generation, and we will continue t0 showcase that legacy!