Quick Fun Hairstyle


There’s a hairstyle I tried a couple of days ago, (I call it the Dreadlocks effect because people presume I’m on dreadlocks!) of curly twists about a week ago, quick and easy to do. Less manipulation on your hair and it lasted me up to a week.


  1. You just simply twist your hair in mini twists all over your head (I begin by securing my hair by the roots with a wool with each twist, so it can have a proper neat look and that it can last a couple of days)
  2. With those same twists, tie each twist into a bantu-knot
  3. Cover your head with a satin bonnet, and let it sleep overnight
  4. The next day, untie your bantu-knots (but not your twists)
  5. And Voila, you have your curly twists!
  6. And a great protective hairstyle too!