Oils for hair growth

Wondering which oils are specifically beneficial for your hair growth? I’ve compiled a list of carrier and essential oils to make it simpler for you to choose from to be on the right track. There are a lot of oils out there which may seem daunting but there are different uses for specific oils. Carrier … Continue reading Oils for hair growth


Healthy Hair and Growth Challenge: How to get started

So I’m starting over on a clean state with my hair maintenance because I haven’t really paid full attention to my hair lately (yes, I’m guilty as charged!). Why I'm doing this? My hair is shedding, feels dry and I’m just interested to see how far my hair can reach. This is a list I’ve … Continue reading Healthy Hair and Growth Challenge: How to get started

Quick Fun Hairstyle

There’s a hairstyle I tried a couple of days ago, (I call it the Dreadlocks effect because people presume I’m on dreadlocks!) of curly twists about a week ago, quick and easy to do. Less manipulation on your hair and it lasted me up to a week. Steps: You just simply twist your hair in … Continue reading Quick Fun Hairstyle