Quick Fun Hairstyle


There’s a hairstyle I tried a couple of days ago, (I call it the Dreadlocks effect because people presume I’m on dreadlocks!) of curly twists about a week ago, quick and easy to do. Less manipulation on your hair and it lasted me up to a week.


  1. You just simply twist your hair in mini twists all over your head (I begin by securing my hair by the roots with a wool with each twist, so it can have a proper neat look and that it can last a couple of days)
  2. With those same twists, tie each twist into a bantu-knot
  3. Cover your head with a satin bonnet, and let it sleep overnight
  4. The next day, untie your bantu-knots (but not your twists)
  5. And Voila, you have your curly twists!
  6. And a great protective hairstyle too!





Why I stopped spritzing water on my hair during braids

So I’ve realised how doing this method by spritzing water on my hair while having braids could dry and damage my hair at the same time. I only started trying this method on the braids I installed twice before and I didn’t think much of it until I noticed pretty much dryness on my hair.
Again, the reason for spraying your natural hair with water is so that you can have moisture and then after applying oil or cream to lock in that moisture. With braids I found it different because even if you can spray water and apply oil or cream, it is much difficult to lock all the moisture with oil and cream on all strands of the hair.

At first I would spray water only without locking the moisture in and I found my hair to be very dry and dull. Then I started using oil after spraying my braids and hair with water, but I found it very challenging to put it on every braid of the hair because not all of the oil can go through as the braids are connected tightly into the hair.
For this reason, I stopped doing this completely when I have braids installed because I hated the fact that my hair was very dry while my braids were installed and I had that uncomfortable feeling and I felt like maybe this was damaging my hair as well.
Right now I have twists installed and I opted for a braiding spray instead of water and oil. My hair feels a lot better now and it doesn’t feel as dry as it used to be while on braids. I use the Sta-Sof-Fro braid spray, and it is not only for spraying the braids and hair but also onto the scalp so it can be massaged so both my hair and scalp are hydrated, and the braids are kept shining as well!


Protective Style Mode

Now that winter is approaching here, it can’t be more torturing to find yourself busy with your hair for hours on cold days, while you should be in blankets drinking coffee! So I decided to do a protective style for the cold times to stay on for about 2 months.
I did twists on my own (yes I really did ) and it took me quite some time to finish them, but I can really say I am proud. Very simple to do, but took long because it’s my first time. I watched it from a YouTube video by a vlogger named Breana Rutter, with a tutorial how to do twists on natural hair. She explains it step by step and is super understandable. I intend to keep these on for about 8 weeks.
Why I recommend protective styles this season? It’s cold, your hair is protected against cold harsh weathers, less maintenance and prevents your hair from being brittle and dry (of course you have to keep on moisturizing it as well). Anything from braids, to twists to weaves and styles even with your own hair.

Thank you for your time for reading! My journey through the twists below:

IMG00356-20160428-1738 First week!

IMG00364-20160504-0836 Half way there

IMG00385-20160507-0858 Finally done!